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Devotional Life And Responsible Action

by Name withheld by request

Posted April 22, 2007

In the past few weeks, we've read about Radha Kund prabhu's departure from the material world, some information about his lifetime and about his eventually going to live in the Holy Dham. Also, we read how he would tell stories about Krsna and share with others.

We all know about the hard struggle for existence and how it plays out in our own lives. We are each aware of just how difficult it is to maintain ourselves in these material forms.

There are souls who knew Radha Kund das, and who knew the wife and children that he deserted, eventually, for whatever his reasons were. We knew about the challenges the wife and children faced during the more than ten years after he left. I just wonder: how do we acknowledge these souls who suffered due to his choices to leave them? I'd like to offer respects to them, and prayers and love.

In our telling of stories of the lives of devotees after they leave their bodies, how do we share their journey without minimizing others who were left in the wake of the waves of their actions?