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Temporary Hospice In Vrndavana

by Manjari dasi

Posted September 27, 2005

I have noticed Harideva prabhu's query about fundraising for a 'temporary' hospice in Vrndavana dated 5th September (Click here to read the article). I also noticed there was no reply to explain this. The information I have is that there were varied responses to the letter sent from Vrndavana explaining the difficulties and lack of facilities there for those wishing to leave their bodies in Vrndavana dhama.

One response from Yadunandana prabhu was to research the costs of renting an MVT flat with the needed medical and other support facilities. He then began asking temples and devotees for donations of $US12 per month only so that there could be a hospice-type facility available immediately for the devotees who need this support now (it will be some time yet for the 'permanent' hospice to be completed and functioning.) I am also told the first payment of the donations collected has gone to the costs of Kusakratha prabhu who is being taken care of in a MVT apartment. If you wish further information, please contact Yadunandana prabhu at Thank you.

Your servant,

Manjari dasi