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Is Inflicting Suffering On Devotees a Vaishnava Aparadha: Reply to Gaurav Mittal

by Rasa Rasika

Posted September 23, 2006

The comments of Gaurav Mittal give us a reminder on this very important subject...expect a reaction from Krsna if you have in any way physically/mentally or sexually abused a devotee of Lord Krsna (esp. children born into this movement)...the next question then is "How do we know if someone is a devotee of Krsna?"....actually even the demons are ultimately devotees playing the part of demons in this the then the next question is....we should not offend any spirit soul as each and every spirit soul is an eternal servant of the Lord, although demons are usually an impediment to the Lord's mission and sometimes have to be removed under the instruction of a qualified devotee.

Rasa Rasika dasa