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Is Inflicting Suffering On Devotees a Vaishnava Aparadha?

by Gaurav Mittal

Posted September 21, 2006

Criticizing devotees is considered vaishnava aparadha. Such aparadhas are extremely dangerous for a perpetretors devotion. I have heard about this vaishnava aparadha in many lectures and it has been used by devotees to stop their criticisms. Criticisms or insults sometimes hurts the victim devotees emotionally or humiliates him. Many advanced vaishnavas are equanimous in praise or criticism and ignore them. Still, Krishna does not tolerate criticisms.

If verbal attacks towards devotees are not tolerated by Krishna then can Krishna tolerate physical attrocities, abuses or injuries towards devotees. How Krishna reacts to the perpetrator of physical or sexual abuses? Physical or sexual abuses injure a devotee much more than any form of verbal criticism. So, I am very confident that such vaishnava aparadhis completely destroy their devotion.

SB 10.2.22 & SB 12.2.41 clearly state that such person who inflict suffering on others will go to hell. We can also easily understand that devotion of those people who inflict miseries on devotees is also destroyed. Also, those people who support the evil acts of inflicting suffering on devotees will also suffer similar reactions.

I keep on wondering why the leaders in ISKCON have not understood this simple concept. How Dhanurdhar was guru for many years even though he inflicted tremendous amount of suffering on innocent young vaishnavas? Why many others are still there? Does the ISKCON leadership "accept putting those who inflict suffering on devotees as leaders" as mistake?