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Why a Temporary Hospice?

by Harideva Das

Posted September 5, 2005


Please accept my humble obeisances.

There is an unclear letter circulating that asks for donations of $12 each month to start a temporary hospice in Vrindaban. Does any one who know the validity of this project and why it is only temporary? It seems to me that a hospice should be permanent thing. Don't we already have a hospice that the devotees are building? Is this the same hospice, or a different organization? Can anyone shed light on this? My first impulse was that, for such a small amount each month I would be more than willing to help. Then I began thinking, how can $12 help? Isn't hospicing expensive? Does anyone know where to find out more about this project? This sounds important so I don't want to write it off, but I need to know more.

Thank you,

Your aspiring servant,

Harideva Das