Chakra Discussions

Happiness or Distress; Taking Responsibility

by April Hammond

Posted October 24, 2007

I am often confronted with an issue that may hit close to home for many devotees: "What does Krishna want me to do? What is my dharma?" More often, I am confronted with this one: "Is this really my dharma?"

I have for years been wandering around in my life watching other devotees and myself follow something that we believed at the time to be our destiny but that turned out to be our downfall. Many of us have lingered in jobs, in certain communities and in relationships upon which we later look back and feel horrified.

Yes, yes, I know that everything is in perfect arrangement, but should we always be allowing ourselves to suffer and say: "It is all in Krishna's hands." Not just to say that, but to let ourselves dwell, day in and day out, in misery? Are we surrendering at this time, or just giving up in Krishna's name?

How do we find our mothers in abusive and neglectful relationships while they quote the Bhagavatam about why they need to stay in that nonsense? How do we live in poverty just so that we are not contributing to the capitalistic society? How do we let our children go untreated for illness because we do not agree with allopathic health care?

Yes, a bit of a tangent, but it all comes together. A question to us all: do we see Krishna in our happiness, in our distress, or in neither? Are we calling out the Lord's name honestly or in vain? Just some questions for thought.