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Revatinandana Prabhu

by Bob Roberts

Posted October 15, 2005

Hare Krsna! PAMHO. AGTSP.

Back in June I read the following piece on your fine web site: Revatinandana passed away.

The only Revatinandana I knew was the Prabhupada disciple who later called himself Shambu, but the description did not fit.

I have just realized that the Revati who passed may have been the Bhakta Ricky I met at NY Ratha Yatra in June 1989. He was doing these amazing jumps in front of the cart. He was obviously a gifted and trained dancer, and I assumed a professional one. It was such a sight that I asked him if I could photograph him, and he graciously jumped again and again for my camera. Although I promised to send him copies of the photos, it was so long ago that I don't know if we ever connected after that.

Except we did meet again at the Niles, MI, 2004 Rathayatra. It took a while for me to realize that this was the same person. At day's end, I gave him my card, he said he would contacf me, but I never heard from him.

A few months ago I contacted Prema Bhakti Prabhu, the director of Niles Ratha Yatra, for contact info for Revati. He said he thought Revati was in Chicago, but I never did write him, thinking I may see him at this year's Niles Rath. Of course Revati had passed away by then, and I only just realized that the Revati I read about in June on Chakra was the former Bhakta Ricky. At least I think it is him.

I am writing you today because I wonder if anyone would like copies of those 35mm slides I took of him at the 1989 NY Ratha. I could scan them and Email them, or have prints made from a pro lab and for those I would ask only my out-of-pocket costs.

Could you possibly forward this to Atma-nivedana Prabhu, the author of that June 2005 chakra piece?

Thank you for your help. Chakra is one of the few sites I check every time I'm on-line. I greatly appreciate your hard work.