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Response To Hemagauri's Article On Urbanizing Mayapur

by Sarah Pillai

Posted October 6, 2005

While it is true that the world around us is indeed changing, I think it is the duty of the ISKCON Mayapur development project to try to maintain a proper ecological balance in the holy dhama and consider the other residents feelings.

What most devotees have probably failed to understand is that with the amount of labor required to build the ISKCON temple in Mayapur, a whole set of problems will also arise which will turn the dhama into a nightmare scenario.

Firstly, the labor force to build such a project will be huge. Temporary accomodation will need to be supplied. The question is where?

Sanitation will be another huge problem. Hundreds of village laborers will inevitably squat on the side of Mother Ganga and pass stool everywhere.

I doubt that all these laborers are vegetarian. This will mean an influx of non-veg food in Mayapur.

Already in the past, Mayapur has had severe problems with prostitution. Can it be guaranteed that the influx of these laborers will not create this problem again?

Hundreds of lorries carrying construction materials will ruin the already poor road in no time at all. What to speak of the noise pollution and the carbon-monoxide!

I also noticed that in her article, Hemagauri Dasi made the following statement -

"The Mayapur Temple Project is an attempt to fulfill a divine vision of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur's, so the ISKCON devotees will probably not agree to call the project off."

However, I was recently sent a very interesting article that puts this idea into question. The article may be found at

If the contents of the article are correct then this certainly brings into question the legitimacy of the above statement that ISKCON is fulfilling the prophecy of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur. If what the article says is true, then it would only be proper for the powers that be (the Mayapur Project managers and GBCs) to admit that their claims are mere conjecture and hype and nothing more.

That doesn't necessarily mean that they should stop building the temple that Prabhupada desired - it just means that they should be truthful and realistic about it, as well as considerate about the environment and the impact it will have on the other residents of Sridham Mayapur.