Chakra Discussions

Don't Meddle With the Word of God

by Karana Krsna Das

Posted November 30, 2006

I am very sorry to hear about the news about the Govt of Kazakhstan knocking down the only Krsna buildings. Many times political organisations disturb the religious organisations and the outcome can be very severe for the political parties.

One such case is that when the Taliban knocked down the huge Buddha sculptures in Afganistan and in a year or two, the Taliban was out of power. In Nepal too, the previous government did not allow the registration of many religious organisations, and that government also soon lost power. In India during the Mughal period King Arunjeb also knocked down temples in Vrndawan, and after 100 years they were also out of power. After the crucification of Jesus Christ, no matter how much the Roman government tortured the Christians, the christian community grew and grew till the Roman empire went out of power. During the ancient Egypt, the pharoh king wanted to obstruct the work of Saint Moses and there too the Pharoh met with total failure.

There are so many historical cases and it goes back even up to the time of demon Hirankashyapu who wanted to destroy the devotee, Prahlad. Finally, Hiranyakashypu was destroyed at the hands of Lord Narshingdev.

It is only the layman people that think that different religions mean different gods. But all religions mentions that God is one. So how can there be many religions? Many of the governments of the world are finding out that Krsna Consciousness is in fact a blessing because the KC people are more morally upright and more committed as citizens. Therefore, the governments have stopped putting constraints on Krsna Consciousness movement.

During the Mughal period also, there was a pious king called Akbar and in it is mentioned in the history that he was very humble when it came to religious matters he respected all religons and gave the rights to the people to practise their faiths. His time of reign is called the golden period of Mughal dynasty.

On behalf of the all religious minded people of the world, I therefore appeal to the government of Kazakhsthan that such force will be met with bigger force of nature and in the long run they will be the losers.Therefore, the government of Kazakhstan should immediately rectify the action committed on the devotees and Lord Krsna's temple. This is for their own good.This rectification will certainly be acclaimed as the step towards world peace and harmony.

The present governments of the world should also understand that God is God and man is man. No man should meddle with the works of God. No matter how powerful a man or government is, it is still a mere puppet in the hands of nature. I am sure this knowledge is also mentioned in the Holy Koran.