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Response to Anantadeva

by Prana das

Posted November 15, 2004

Response to Seminars for sale: bhakti or business?

Whether or not devotees should charge for courses or teaching in ISKCON is an interesting point that we have struggled with and vigorously debated over the years. I recently read this letter from Prabhupada dated October 27, 1968. "If anybody calls for a meeting and lecturing, we must charge. And if they want to hear free, they may come to our temple. Don't become cheap. My Guru Maharaja used to say: "If somebody becomes cheap, then nobody hears him." I don't think anyone has started to charge for attending Bhagavatam classes in our temples. It seems that Prabhupada may not be completely averse to charging a fee for disseminating Vedic knowledge under certain circumstances. As for pop-psychology, that's another thing altogether.

Your servant,
Prana dasa