Chakra Discussions

Hurray for Havi Das

by Gour Govinda das

Posted November 8, 2005

Finally someone who speaks from the heart to another devotee who is looking for answers.

I was very moved by both letters. This to me is real preaching. Listening to the cries of someone who sincerely needs help in her progressive march to becoming Krishna Conscious. Your approach was perfect, Havi. Really listening to the cry for help, offering non-judgemental realistic solutions and let the sincerity of her heart make the right decisions. I have not read or heard a more appropriate response to the most common problem for all of us.

This is indeed the battle before us. We are surrounded by non-devotional sound vibrations and actions. We are constantly being manipulated by the demoniac and atheistic influences of this age of Kali. The pressure is intense. The influence is constant and unrelenting. But there is always the shelter of the sound vibrations of Krishna and His devotees. We just need to make the right choices. Our individual freedom is what Krishna has allowed us to keep. We have a choice in every situation. Is this going to move me in the direction of Krishna or will it place me deeper in illusion? That is it. We have been given the higher choices by the mercy of the pure devotees. Without their revealing the higher nature of the soul, we would be forever caught in the endless cycle of material existence.

Thank you again Havi. And thank you Yashoda for being so sincere and honest. This is what is required in order to make advancement in Krishna Consciousness. Real honesty and real sincerity. Krishna always comes to our aid in one form or another. We just have to be soft at heart.