Chakra Discussions

A soldier's duty

by Partha-sarathi das

Posted May 19, 2004

I am also in the US army in Iraq. I have been here for almost two straight years with a five-month break in tour. As my god-brother Jaya Govinda prabhu was explaining, we are now, more than ever, dependent on Krishna's mercy. Since coming back into the theater of war I have been shot at, motored, RPGed and had roadside explosions go off. In this situation, what can I do but pray to Krishna to protect me?

I didn't ask to come back but I am here with the consciousness that this is my service to Krishna and that I am going to be the best soldier I can for Him. It's no secret here that I'm a devotee. I chant and preach.

If one is going to file for objector status he will really need to have a solid case. The people that review the cases will scrutinize everything and will read books about Krishna consciousness. That is their job: to determine who are the real pacifists and who are the ones trying to get out of war. Believe me, they are good at it.

For us whether the war is right or wrong is irrelevant. I depend on Krishna and pray to Krishna that my soldiers come home safe, and myself also. Srila Prabhupada said that the job of a soldier in war is to fight. So I am.

I am begging all of you to please pray for us to come home safely. Sorry if this letter offended anyone.