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Was Iraq invasion a war, or murder?

by Niscala dasi

Posted May 19, 2004

Certainly Jaya Govinda das is right -- risky or horrible situations help us to rely more on Krsna's protection. However, the present-day situation of war is far more perilous spiritually for a soldier than in the day of Kuruksetra. Many thousands of innocent children, women, old men, and people unwilling to fight are being caught in the crossfire, or by explosions of bombs, grenades and so forth. To kill even one innocent human life is the greatest sin.

The exception is if that person is an aggressor, that is, coming with a weapon raised to kill. This was the conduct in the war that Krsna sanctioned -- indeed, insisted must take place. Otherwise, one has no right to kill even an ant, deliberately. Of course, no innocents are being intentionally killed.

The action in Iraq is like pouring boiling oil into an ant hole to kill a harmful spider in it. One knowingly performs an action that results in murder, for a cause that is just. There was no such moral quagmire in Kuruksetra. Arjuna's dilemma was not related to sin, but to bodily attachment.

That it is not for the cause of a righteous government is not "beside the point", as Jaya Govinda prabhu maintains, but the point itself. One risks replacing one set of criminals with another. Indeed, this is the case in Afghanisthan. Now the Arabs are convinced that the new government will be no better than the old. They see the US force as murderers, and if I were in the robes of an Iraqi mother whose children have been maimed or massacred by carpet bombing, I would have no option to conclude otherwise.