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Quantity defeats Quality in Overtime!

by Raghavendu das

Posted May 13, 2005

This is in response to Suk Shah's article, Prabhupada won't cry; he will smile!.

In a different Kalpa during Kali Yuga on an Earth planet:

Play by Play Announcer: Welcome folks, from Hare Krishna Stadium in Spanish Forks, Utah. It's number 7 ISKCON University Fighting Garudas versus number 5 Fighting Irish from Notre Dame.

Color Commentator: Yes, Prabhu, and we have a capacity crowd of 75,000 on hand for this historic college football game.

Play by Play Announcer: Certainly Das, this is the first time that the Garudas have been ranked in the Division 1 Top Ten and today they take on a program that to many symbolizes college football.

Color Commentator: You know, Prabhu, when I was a student here 40 years ago, this was unthinkable. I think it was all made possible by the Governing Board's decision to drop the regulative principles some 35 years ago.

Play by Play Announcer: No doubt, it was a historic decision, Das. A few years ago, we still saw protesters with signs saying things like, "Just What Part of No Frivolous Sports Don't You Understand?", but those days are past. And in the background we're hearing the "Krishna in the Center" Marching Band, and they are just about to play our National Anthem. It's enough to make your hair stand on end -- this is so exciting.

Color Commentator: You know, folks, while we have a moment I want to talk about our main sponsor, Farmer John's Veg and Non Veg Sausage...