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Searching for GBC Info

by Gauranga das

Posted March 28, 2004

Does anyone know on which ISKCON sites we can find information about the recent GBC meetings in Mayapur. I need to know who the elected GBC members are for certain countries and regions. It will be good if minutes of the entire GBC meetings are made available to the devotees. This information used to be freely available on ISKCON sites but not any more. Why is this?

EDITORS NOTE: We were recently forwarded the following note by Lilasuka Prabhu of the GBC secretariat:

The members of the GBC Executive Committee for 2004 are:

The resolutions are not yet made public. Presently our lawyers are checking them. They will be release soon and posted on the Temple President e-mail conference.

It appears that the GBC will make the resolutions public once they have been cleared through the standard legal review process.