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Beware of the 3 Modes

by Sridhar Raman

Posted March 13, 2007

Dvarakadhisa das (Click Here) and Anonymous prabhu (Click Here) have raised a very important point in their postings. I want to re-emphasize that point - how our mind adulterates Krishna consciousness (the process), and Krishna conception (the supreme Object). When we think that God is going to put us in a pigeon's body for holding sexual desires notwithstanding all our honest attempts at making spiritual progress we are building a totally distorted concept of God and Bhakti in our minds that would most certainly destroy our spiritual growth. The bottom-line is this - all knowledge we assimilate, including those pertaining to bhakti, is filtered and tainted by the modes of material nature. The modes of nature we have acquired are a result of millions of years of conditioning over several lifetimes. It is highly adaptive and will not go away so quickly. The modes are super-tricky in that they would take a good thing like Krishna Consciousness and convert it very, very subtly into poison by creating such false beliefs and misconceptions. The modes are also very adept at perpetuating these false beliefs.

Anyone wanting to pursue spiritual advancement in the path of Bhakti is well advised to read and analyze the modes of nature, and learn how to detect and discriminate between the 3 modes. Working with a good spiritual mentor who is not under the influence of the modes would be very helpful. The last place one can expect to find such a person is within the confines of organized religion. As an alternative, a self study of the 13th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, and the subject of mixed devotional service in the Srimad Bhagavatam expounded by Lord Kapila to his mum, would be a splendid start.