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No Comparison

by Partha Sarathi das

Posted June 8, 2004

There has been many articles by devotees saying Iraq is an unjust war etc. I asked devotees to please tell me what is the duty of a soldier in battle? Prabhupada said the duty of a soldier is to FIGHT. Aslong as it doesn't break or rules. Krishna repeatlly points out to Arjuna that if one does his natural duty though imperfectly with the right cousiousnous than there is no type of reaction. I am not saying that I am in perfect KC. But I try. In August last year one of my soldiers died in a motor attack on a police station. I have lived with this for the last year, but the beuty of the death was that before he left his body he took prasadam. He heard the Holy Name; he heard the wonders of Krishna's pastimes. If this person by Krishna's mercy takes a good birth in their next life than I am prepared to go to war a thousand more times. That is the piont of being a devotee to always preach His glories. Prabhupada said the most important verse in Srimad Bhagavatam was wherever you go preach Krishna counsiousnous.

As far as women and children being killed, no one has any ide of what it is like here. Its either kill or be killed. I have had little children thrown grenades at me, women approach us with bombs strapped to them. In the material world no one is "innocent". The only truely pious people are those who realizethey are a servant to God.

In closing I am asking that devotees be more supportive of us. Its bad enough when I have came close to leaving my body a few times then I read on the web devotees criticing us. We are in a difficult situation and we need supposrt. EVeryone is free to express their opinion but we are just soldiers we have a job to do just as you and my job is to spread Lord Caitanya's movement where ever it brings me and if I die here I am contenet knowing that I am here and doing this service as an offering to Krishna. Please forgive the offensivness of this letter. And please pray to Krishna for everyone down here.

your servant
Partha Sarathi dasa