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A reply to Bhagavat Purana das

by Jaya Govinda das

Posted July 24, 2004

What sense does it make to put so much effort into asking ridiculous questions for the sake of argument?

I remain strict in my diet because Srila Prabhupada insisted we do so, and I've taken a vow to do so. And, if you study up on what Prabhupada said about the duty of a ksatriya, he stated several times that sometimes we must apply violence. Check the index in the back of your Bhagavad-Gita. Now, let me ask you a question:

If you found yourself in a situation in which you were being shot at, and you had a gun, would you shoot back or would you let yourself be killed? You can reply with the answer "I wouldn't put myself in that situation to begin with", but that's a lame response. Regardless of whether the war is justified or not, I'm a soldier and I have a job to do.

Yes, I'm vegetarian because it's wrong to kill animals, but if I was getting attacked by one and the only way out was to kill it, I would. Wouldn't you? I certainly hope you value your life at least that much.

Preaching is a fight, and in some places, the fight is more severe. It's a matter of time, place and circumstance.

A few years ago, I was a pujari. Now, I'm a soldier. Different time, different place, different circumstance.

We have fought our way to the frontline of preaching in Iraq, and we will keep fighting if we have to to make sure that these soldiers have whatever they need to become Krishna-conscious.

Why challenge that?