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Soldier-devotee evokes curiosity about Krishna

by Partha Sarathi das

Posted July 15, 2004

As you have read from my godbrother, Jaya Govinda prabhu, the holy name of Krishna has made it to the war-ravaged land of Iraq. There is so much preaching to be done.

I have found that a lot of Iraqis are favorable. They are curious to see an American praying on japa beads, and the soldiers are especially receptive. My command has asked me to explain Krishna consciousness to them and they are amazed at the beliefs. I was in the gym exercising when I saw some senior members of my unit. A few asked me what was playing in my iPod. I responded with "Hare Krishna bhajans, Sir." To my amazement, he asked to hear, then afterwards told me that in his college days he used to go to an ISKCON temple for Sunday feasts.

Krishna says that He is found where devotees are describing His glories or chanting His name. Therefore by His mercy the conditioned souls are starting to awaken their dormant love for Krishna. It's amazing, because most people can realize this here -- that we are all servants of God. I spend most of my "down time" talking with people about what love of God is, based on Srila Prabhupada's books.

Lord Caitanya's wish was to see Krishna consciousness in every town and village. Iraq isn't a fully Krishna conscious country, but the seed has been planted.