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Lifeguards for Mayapur Festival

by Adi Kavi das

Posted July 7, 2007

I spoke this week with a GBC member about the Mayapura drownings, and he thought I had a good idea. I told him I would send Chakra a letter on the topic.

Even a good swimmer can be caught unaware of the strong currents that may circulate near the banks, and every year devotees are drowning (See "Swim Safely in the Ganges".)

For a nominal fee, of perhaps ten cents a bath, a lifeguard could be hired to watch the devotees bathe during the Mayapura festivals each year. The fee could be collected at registration upon arrival in Mayapura and used to hire a local man with a speedboat, or there could be a higher fee for bathing during posted hours while a certified lifeguard is on duty with a jetski. It might even be good to have a guard posted to keep devotees away from the bathing area during the hours when a certified lifeguard is off duty.

I would much rather pay a dollar when I go to Mayapura than hear of more devotees' accidentally leaving their bodies by drowning.