Chakra Discussions

Preventing Drownings

by Adi Kavi Dasa

Posted July 5, 2007

For a nominal fee, of perhaps ten cents a bath, a lifeguard could be hired to watch the devotees bathe during the Mayapura festivals each year. Even a good swimmer can be caught unaware of the strong currents that may circulate near the banks, and every year devotees are drowning. The fee could either be collected at registration upon arrival in Mayapura for just a local man with a speedboat, or it could be higher for bathing during posted hours while a certified lifeguard is on duty with a jetski. It might even be good to have a guard posted to keep devotees away from the bathing area during the lifeguard's off hours. I would much rather pay a dollar when I go to Mayapura than hear of one more devotee accidentally leaving his or her body by drowning.