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New Zealand devotees near top in book distribution

by Ekendra das

Posted January 21, 2005

In response to the recent posting by Bhaktavatsala prabhu entitled "Harinam . . . cancelled!", I spoke to the devotee who coordinates the harinam in question to find out more details. His response was that the Friday night harinam is composed of a few grhasthas who go out as circumstances permit. If it rains, they don't go out and the usual program is that, if any sannyasi is in town, they instead attend the temple programs -- hence, no harinam this past Christmas Eve.

The irony in posting such perceived frustrations is that the class given by HH Devamrita Swami that evening was part of a seminar intended as spiritual respite for devotees who had come from all over the country to celebrate the end of one of the largest book distribution marathons in the history of this island nation. This recent year saw New Zealand as one of the top ten countries of the world for book distribution -- not bad for a timid population of just over three million.

Who led and encouraged his disciples to sacrifice for the marathon? -- Devamrita Swami. (Yes, I'm his disciple, although I had very little to do with the book distribution.)

In any case, it's nice to hear anyone's enthusiasm for harinam sankirtana. Gaura-hari!