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Harinam... cancelled!

by Bhaktavatsala das

Posted January 19, 2005


All glories to Guru and Gauranga! Umm... weird thing happened on the way to Harinam here yesterday, on Christmas eve! We were informed that there was no Harinam! It was Friday evening, and there's always Harinam downtown on Friday evening... (especially should be Harinam on Christmas eve...). So, when queried as to why there was no Harinam, the reply was, "Because Devamrta Swami is here." Huh? What? No Harinam because Devamrta Swami is here? Sounds utterly weird! What's up? Not good. No Harinam because of Devamrta Swami, apparently. Needless to say it was a disappointing Christmas eve. Those who normally go on Harinam were, apparently, tied up worshipping/venerating Devamrta Swami instead. Sad to think that he has now become "elevated" to the position of being more important than the Harinam sankirtan. Anyway, fact is that the result of his visit, was no Harinam. So much for the sankirtan mission, and "empowered preachers" like Devamrta Swami, whose very presence causes the Harinam to be cancelled, and causes sankirtan devotees to run to the temple, out of obedience to him. Strange. One would think that with a senior sannyasi visiting, the sankirtan, and Harinam(s), would increase! That's the result of the presence of a truly empowered preacher of "Krishna consciousness" such as Srila Prabhupada. Certainly not that their very presence causes the Harinam sankirtan to be cancelled! And now there will probably be more criticism fired in this direction for having (again) "blasphemed senior devotees" etc. What a sick world!!! So, all glories to the unlimited power and mercy of Harinam, and the almighty Supreme Personality of Godhead, Gauranga/Govinda!

In service to Guru and Gauranga/Govinda,
Bhaktavatsala Dasa