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Memoirs of a Modern-Day Ksatriya, Part 8

by Govardhana das

Posted January 12, 2005

(Jaya Govinda was recently reinitiated by HH Bir Krishna Swami, hence, the new name)


I had just picked up my mail for the day; two packages of cookies sent by a devotee in Philadelphia, when the mortars started falling.

As is standard procedure for incoming fire, I made my way to the nearest bunker, which was filling up pretty quickly. Dozens of troops piled their way into the cramped space while the incoming alarm resonated throughout the camp.

Every soldier at Anaconda had become so familiar with dodging mortars that the bunkers had become more like social clubs, rather than safe havens. It was not at all uncommon to find packs of troopers huddled together to play cards or converse about the days events, or to find the one percent of super troopers who would stand outside of the bunkers and smoke, being too cool to subject themselves to the protection of a concrete barrier.

Still in awe of the devotees mercy Id received over the past couple weeks, and delighted with the fact that Lord Nrsimhadeva seemed to be answering my prayer for opportunity, I decided that this night would be a fine time for prasadam distribution.

I handed out a couple dozen cookies to the people in the bunker, but I still had a ton left. The devotee who sent these cookies meant business.

I crawled to the next bunker and, again, gave everyone a cookie, being left with a dozen less and still a ton more.

To the next bunker I went, and the next, and so on, until I had distributed all the cookies except for one, which I relished.

The evacuation lasted for almost two hours, but no one seemed to mind. There were enough cookies to go around.

And so it was, that Srila Prabhupadas compassion had reached the fallout bunkers of Iraq, and Krishna prasadam had truly become Food for Life.

Govardhana das (BKG)

Author's note:

Sorry for taking so long to submit this installment. I seem to have hit a writer's block since I've been back in the US.

I'm in the process of finishing up my book called 'Operation: Krishna', which will be a compilation of my 'Memoirs' installments plus some other thoughts and ramblings I've gathered since I've been home.

It should be out in the not-too-distant future.