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Holy Salagram Silas

by Ravi Shira

Posted January 8, 2004

[ISKCON Scotland, Karuna Bhavan - the installation of Srimati Vrinda devi and the bathing of over 12,000 Salagram Silas. See here for more.]

I visited the Karuna Bhavana temple in Scotland recently and was pleased to see that it is a very nice temple with beautiful deities. The Srimati Vrinda Devi deity is very special. The view outside of the Scottish Highlands is wonderful, as it is nature at its best. The highlight is the vast amount of Salagram Silas . The Salagram Silas are very very special. It is amazing to see over 12,000 Salagram Silas.

I sat looking at the Salagram Silas for about an hour and I felt that they should not be placed in one big steel container all piled up one on top of the other as the ones underneath seemed to me to need more air and space. They seemed to be trapped underneath and all their respective powers seemed to be compressed. I feel that they should be placed on a soft material separately in cup shape containers on steel tables in a large room. I feel each Salagram Sila has so much power surrounding it that they must be kept separate and treated individually. Each Salagram Sila should be treated separately like a deity and you would not put deities on top of each other so you should not put the Salagram Silas on top of each other. The only ones that should be together are those that come joint together in pairs like the holy Laksmi Narayan Salagram Sila.

I would like to know what other readers of chakra think would be the best way to keep these vast amount of holy Salagram Silas.

Your servant,
Ravi Sihra.