What does Satyaraja Dasa mean?
from Ugra Nrsimha dasa
Posted February 20, 2003

Ugra Nrsimha dasa asks:

What does Satyaraja Dasa mean when he says that "there's no authoritative biography of Lord Nityananda"? We do have this book called "Nityananda Caritamrta" written by Vrndavan Dasa Thakura and was published by Isvara Dasa. Does it mean that the book is not bonafide?

Can somebody clarify this for me please?

Thank you. Hare Krsna
Ugra Nrsimha Dasa

Satyaraja Dasa replies:

Our Gaudiya tradition has it that no single, separate biography of Nityananda Prabhu exists. That being said, there are definitely portions of authoritative books, such as the Chaitanya-bhagavata, that could be pieced together to form a coherent biography of Sri Chaitanya's dearmost partner. The Nityananda Charitamrtia is a wonderful book along these lines, but its authenticity has often come into question, as Isvara Prabhu well knows. Still, many Gaudiya teachers accept it -- despite its questionable historicity -- because its siddhanta is sound and because its lila (for the most part) is verifiable from other sources. I wish I could say more, but this is what prompted my original statement.