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Report on N.A. ISKCON Initiative Meeting in Dallas

by Gopala Bhatta das

Posted February 7, 2005

Dear Vaishnava,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

By Krishna's grace the ISKCON North American strategic planning meeting in Dallas Jan. 22 and 23 succeeded beyond our expectations. Drawn together by their devotion to Srila Prabhupada, 120 devotees -- gurukulis, congregational professionals, Temple Presidents and GBCs -- gathered, formed teams and addressed fourteen key Initiatives designed to uplift ISKCON in North America. A list of the teams and initiatives appear below.

Within two weeks I'll send to you results of their deliberations so that you can share in their insights and, if you wish, contribute to their dialogue.

Meanwhile, please send your questions or comments to our website at We intend to move forward with these and many more initiatives, and your participation is welcome.

Your servant,

Gopal Bhatta dasa

PS: If you're a Team Member and your name is misplaced or omitted, please let us know.

**** Quotes from participants ****

"This was as powerful a strategic planning session as any I've seen take place in Fortune companies. The organizers have every right to feel encouraged by the results." Joshua Greene (Yogesvara dasa), former Senior Vice President, Ruder Finn Public Relations

"It was an honor and a privilege to be part of the Vaishnava counseling team in Dallas. Our objective was to produce a list of ways to enhance the care of all devotees through the medium of counseling, and I felt very pleased with our progress and potential. In all the teams everyone I saw was quite focused on enhancing Srila Prabhupada's mission for this generation and generations to come." Bhakti dasi, Family Therapist, Gainesville, FL.

**** Initiative Teams ****

Revitalization of the Sunday Feast Program
Gunagrahi Goswami
Malati devi dasa
Pranaballabha dasa Jaya
Rama dasa
Daruka dasa
Arati devi dasi
Damodara dasa
Madhavendra Puri dasa

Unified Presentation of Krsna Consciousness
Mahatma dasa
Jai Nitai dasa
Abhay Dhir
Ravindra Svarupa dasa
Caitanya Nitai dasa
Gauravani dasa
Karnamrita dasi
Seva Priya dasi

Financial Solvency
Divya Gopal dasa
Syamasundara dasa
Lynn Plumback
Surapala dasa
Kartamisa devi dasi
Madhupati dasa
Kuladri dasa
Kris Ford
Rupanuga dasa

Bhakti devi dasi
Rupa Vilasa dasa
Tamohara dasa
Dasarath dasa
Radha Caran dasa
Yogesvara dasa
Samikrsi dasa

New Methods of Book Distribution
Vaisesika dasa
Jaya Baladeva dasa
Lavanya-mangala devi dasi
Teja Prajash dasa
Svavasa dasa
Sundararupa dasa
Kesava Bharati dasa Goswami
Guru Prasad Swami

College Outreach
Savyasaci dasa
Jaya Gaurasundara dasa & Kaumodaki dd
Anasuya Morrill

Youth Programs
Manu dasa
Radhavallabha dasa (NY)
Gadadhara Pandit dasa
Kanti dasi
Laksmana devi dasi
Yogindra dasa
Krsna Mayi dasi
Jayanti dasi
Ambarisa dasa
Bhakti Raghava Swami
Anuttama dasa
Nanda Suta dasa
Murari dasa

Welcome Mat
Caitanya dasi
Rama Vigraha dasa
Subuddhi dasi
Dinanath dasa
Sandamini devi dasi
Nityananda dasa
Lavangalatika devi dasi

Nama Hatt
Balabhadra Bhattacarya dasa
Bhadra dasa
Romapada Swami

Accountability of Leaders
Sudharma devi dasi
Narsingh Caitanya dasa
Laksmi Nrsimha dasa
Pariksit dasa
Harivilas dasa
Kamala Mukha Krsna dasa
Sikhi Mahiti dasa

Revitalization of the Brahmacari Ashram
Purusa-sukta dasa
Yajna Purusa dasa
Advaita Acarya dasa
Thakura Haridasa dasa

New Devotee Training
Krsnadasa Kaviraja dasa
Naikatma dasa
Syam Gopal dasa

Abhimanyu dasa
Murari Caitanya dasa
Guru Mayi dasi
Nimai Nitai dasa
Jagarini dasi
Murari Gupta dasa
Pancaratna dasa