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Re: Diary of a New Mayapur Vasi

by Vrajananda das

Posted February 3, 2004

It is significant of the atmosphere in NM when we read such an article where the writer cannot put his name. This is actually why new Mayapur cannot get out of so many years of trouble.

I have been myself involved in big troubles because in 1999 I dare to ask why the non-brahmanical team of directors was not following GBC and Srila prabhupada's instructions and how can they be leaders if they dont chant their Japa. The power of the TP was restricted to decide which tree to cut for heating the frozen temple room. The result is that I have been kicked out with my tree young children and spouse without any explanation by the managers. After few month this same team have been dismissed by the european GBC Prahladananda Swami Maharaja after investigation. After two TP the former team seems to be more powerful again and propose very irrelevant plans to save New Mayapur.

We know that the service of pujaris is very difficult because the lack of management and finance. All the effort for now since many years is to find a way to sell parts of NM to everyone who wants included Narayana Maharaja disciples and other IsKcon apostates, in order to put the trustees in minority and impose by legal means who are the masters of NM.

Some devotees have been requested by the legal landlord and former temple co-director, to keep quiet about any subject matter in New Mayapur or they would be chased immediately. Few devotees, old sankirtan distributors have no other mean of livelihood than to stay submissively in this temple since many years and it is the reason why nobody dare to speak openly. Myself living outside now have no fear anymore and can expose if requested what is going on in New Mayapur since the fall down of the unfortunate Zonal GBC "guru" in 1986.

French people has a fame to be in refusal of authorities and to like revolution. I will object the devotees are first of all vaisnava and not really identified with this bodily concept of life. If they seem to refuse authority it is because Prabhupadas instructions are not the priority. Why the trustees dont move? Probably because they consider better to sale this property included to the mathas to get rid of all the problems. French yatra is suffocating anyway because the multiplicity of gurus. In the reign of Bhagavan das at least everyone was serving the sankirtan movement because it was the same instruction given by Srila Prabhupada to all the disciples to do so. Do you know there is not a single Bhagavad Gita in French to distribute? Why? Because the debts to the BBT. This debt will never be payed back because there is no book to distribute. French yatra has distributed so many full sets (13 Maha Big Books) and just remains with few copies "small book" of SB1, KB and cook book rotting in a corner of a non heated building.

Such a diary is more needful than any jet set VIP members has ever written, even if the trip begin flying away from New Mayapur precisely. Please keep going on with your diary, "NM vasi" and one day you will feel allowed to put your name with no fear because the vaisnava is by essence abhaya like our regretted founder acarya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

The silence is so thick that even the French anti-cult groups dont know what kind of dictatorships is illegally ruling the French yatra and why the "Hare Krisnas" have become a sect.

If their Lordships are not properly treated in the altar how the devotees can be. I know they suffer physically and spiritually as much as the Paris Temple "vasis" suffer.

Defeating tyranny in the realm of thought,

your servant,
Vrajananda das,
Southern France