Chakra Discussions

In response to 'Our unquestioning service is our glory'

by Subhadra-mayi dasi

Posted December 17, 2004

I read the article by Yasomati-stanya payi regarding mother Rambhoru. I thought that not much could shock me anymore, I read a great deal over the years. But this left me completely speechless and stunned. It is mindblowing that someone even considered neglect and abuse to be a means for spiritual advancement! Has society come this far to consider the treatment mother Rambhoru underwent normal or even beneficial? I hope the husbands in Iskcon arent going to see this as approval and think they can treat their wifes like this too, assuming that it elevates her to a glorious position.

What I think is that Mother Rambhoru did the best she can in her extremely difficult position, to be able to care for her children. To leave such an abusive situation and start all over. Excelling in her education and providing for her children and let them grow up in an emotionally stable situation. It shows the love she has for her children and the level of self-respect she has. For this I admire her greatly! Please, I beg women in Iskcon to educate themselves in the differences between assisting someone in their spiritual life, and being a victim of emotional, spiritual, physical abuse. This is of vital importance. If what happened to mother Rambhoru gets justified, this would be the greatest disservice to her.

I am grateful to her that she wrote such a painful heartwrenching experience down. It demonstrates great courage. Lets give it the respect it deserves and learn from it, so that we may recognize the pitfalls of the misapplication of the philosophy.