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Neglecting family is not service to Krsna

by Lilamanjari dasi

Posted December 16, 2004

I take exception to Yasomati- stanya-payi dasi's statement, "The life of a woman in Krishna consciousness in not easy." First, if we follow Prabhupada's instructions and his example, Krishna consciousness is easy, for anyone. It is we, in our mundane interpretations of what "Prabhupada said" and "what Prabhupada meant", who make our endeavors hard, convoluted and full of misery.

The further statement that, as wives, women "must submit to the authority and wishes of our husbands" is legitimizing all the nonsense that can take place in marriages (many that have been arranged) within the movement. Please do not for one second mistake service to Krsna as householders as an excuse for either husband or wife neglecting responsibilities to each other or their children. That is unfair and quite offensive. We do not follow blindly!

Perhaps the newly forming "marriage counseling mentor" program will help sort out the differences between service and neglect. Perhaps!