Chakra Discussions

Dangerous glory

by Govinda dasi

Posted December 15, 2004

I'd like to put my two cents in and comment on Yasomati-stanya Payi dasi's recent Chakra article, Our unquestioning service is our glory. While I acknowledge her spirit of feminine submission, I disagree with the author that "unquestioning" in service is glorious. In fact, I believe it can be dangerous and misleading, as the very life-account of Rambhoru dasi exemplifies!

Sita Devi followed Her husband without questioning because She did not have to. Ramacandra was the ideal example for all husbands to follow, for all eternity.

But an ideal husband was hardly the case in Rambhoru prabhu's experience, as per her account. Now, that her service has not gone in vain, I agree that this might be the case: her coming out and questioning her husband now, I believe, has already been extremely helpful to her, to her family, and to so many of us wives, husbands and children out there. Her coming out and questioning was indeed not short of glorious.