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Healthy married relationships needed

by Isani dasi

Posted December 15, 2004

Having just read the article by Yasomati- stanya-payi dasi, I would just like to say that I hope all the intelligent men and women who read this kind of thing understand that the relationship between Rambhoru and Prthu cannot by any stretch of the imagination be held up as a good example to be followed by anyone aspiring for a good, functional Krsna conscious marriage. Prthu abused his privileges as temple president, GBC and guru, while subjecting his wife to humiliation, abuse and neglect.

Was this seriously posted, simply to stir controversy, or do dinosaurs still lurk within our society?

Editor's note: The submission by Yasomati-stanya-payi prabhu was a legitimate and serious letter, which no doubt reflects the opinion of many devotees, though not necessarily the majority.