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Our unquestioning service is our glory

by Yasomati-stanya Payi dasi

Posted December 9, 2004

I read Rambhoru prabhu's letter with great interest. I knew her when we lived in the Frankfurt temple in Germany in 1977.

The life of a woman in Krishna consciousness is not easy; it is one of austerity. We must submit to the authority and wishes of our husbands. Voluntarily accepting these austerities is what makes us glorious and eligible to enter into heaven (although a devotee has no such desires).

We should follow the example of Sita Devi who voluntarily followed her husband to the forest and led a life of extreme hardship.She did this with enthusiasm as she was completely surrendered to Sri Rama. When we can perceive these austerities as a means to spiritual advancement, we can also accept them with enthusiasm.

It is the natural propensity for women to desire a nice home, saris, bangles and, of course, children, but as devotees Srila Prabhupada has introduced us to a higher taste. Therefore these material desires become secondary to our desire to serve our husbands in spiritual life.

Perhaps Rambhoru can take solace in the fact that she followed her husband in such austere circumstances. Whether his desires are right or wrong is not for us to question, because in our unalloyed service to our husbands we are serving the Supreme Lord.

Marriage in Krishna consciousness is not meant for sense gratification, but as a means for the husband and wife to serve Krishna together. This is a woman's glory and a means to spiritual advancement.

I offer my humble obeisances to Rambhoru Mataji, a great soul whose service to her husband has not gone in vain, but has elevated her to a glorious position and an inspiration to all wives on the spiritual path.