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A Response to "Preparing for a Demigods Arrival"

by Mahashakti das

Posted December 6, 2008

If you think that a request for cleanliness and dietary preferences are unreasonable or unattainable in your sanga, then simply not invite His Holiness to stay with you. His requirements do not at all strike me as those of a Demigod or rock diva. A Hare Krsna traveling rock star preacher would be asking for silk sheets, lots of sweets, lots of curd and ghee, a giant soft bed and golden faucets in the bathroom (s). This sannyasi has allergies, severe allergies, both food and chemical. Granted, he has "special" needs but not all special needs should be ignorantly categorized as excessive and non-Vaishnava like. What if our traveling preacher were in a wheel chair and required an assistant from the local sanga to lift him into and out of bed? The purpose of my writing is to educate devotees that special needs amongst Vaishnavas can be legitimate needs and not sense gratification. With a more sober attitude in mind, we will not fall prey to unnecessary offenses committed when we wrongly accuse others and then publicly slander them. By the way, did you bring your concerns up to your higher authority or perhaps to the rules and regulations committee that oversees sannyasi behavior?

For those of you who suffer from food allergies and other related maladies, I might suggest experimenting with Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis. If you are interested to learn more, write me at