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Preparing for a Demigod's Arrival?

by unknown

Posted December 4, 2008

Preparing for a Demigod's Arrival?
No, it's a Travelling Preacher.

Sent to temples in Germany and Switzerland

In the Bhagavad-gita Sri Krishna says that his devotee is the same in happiness and distress. He always tolerates all situations, he is not hankering for gain, he is equipoised even in the worst circumstances and is not dependent on the ordinary course of happenings in this world. These ideals should surely be lived by a preacher of our movement. The world has enough people who speak; we need persons who preach by example.

The following is a list of demands that one of our senior preachers, a Prabhupada disciple and a person soon to accept the renounced order of Sannyas, is sending to different temples in Europe. The devotees are really shocked. They have never heard or read such a thing even from a materialist who comes visiting them, what to speak of a Vaishnava. I am not sending this our of a need to do politics, but I really think we have to turn back to simplicity, especially from the side of the leaders. What do even normal people in our society think if they read this?

These are the "needs of a Sannyasi" (it reads like a joke, but sadly, it is not), and these are only the "MINIMAL" facilities. I think only a Pop-Star like Madonna could strech it more....

I wish I could say that my service is unconditional, but it's not. In order for me to function, to stay healthy, sane, etc., I seem to need certain minimal facilities.

Breakfast: Depends on my health, the local schedule, circumstances, etc.


300 grams LOW-FAT cottage cheese (vegetarian, of course), or soft paneer made with LOW-FAT milk. ("LOW-FAT" means 5% or less.)

Wholewheat capatis (preferably without white flour); an alternative is wholewheat or other wholegrain bread or crackers. No butter or ghee.

One cup lightly-spiced and lightly-salted medium-thick dhal.

Steamed vegetables (a couple of large handfuls, preferably without salt, though light spices are okay), such as spinach, green cabbage, carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, peas or string beans; preferably not eggplant, potatoes, zucchinis or bell peppers. The best is green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, green cabbage, kale, collard greens, mustard greens, beet greens, etc. -- combined with some kind of root vegetable, such as carrots or beetroot.

[An alternative to the steamed vegetables is fresh green salad, chopped small, made primarily with soft green lettuce (not iceberg lettuce), with tiny amounts of other ingredients, such as cucumbers, radishes, parsley, watercress, olives, tomatoes, etc. (not carrots).]

Sauce (in both cases, whether with steamed vegetables or with green salad): juice of one fresh lemon; one tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil; one tablespoon linseed oil (also known as flaxseed oil; can be purchased at health food stores); one small, dried, crushed red chili; two tablespoons grated ginger; two tablespoons grated horseradish.

Evening snack: Depends on my health, the local schedule, circumstances, etc.

The most important feature of the diet is the LOW FAT and high protein (in the cottage cheese or paneer). Also, the linseed oil is very important.

In the autumn and winter, I'd like a litre of strong ginger tea every morning (if possible).


Please ensure that the room in which I stay is spotlessly clean; i.e., no dust or moochiness whatsoever. I suggest a maha-clean before I arrive. All bedding (sheets, pillowcases, and blankets) should have been washed since the last person used them. (I repeat: blankets, also.) Under and behind all furniture should have been cleaned. All objects, ornaments, figurines, paintings, etc. should have been dusted.

Sorry, but I have no patience with the mode of ignorance -- besides which, I'm seriously allergic to the housedust mite. (If you want to know more about the dangers of the housedust mite, just type it into Google.) ESPECIALLY, PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE ROOM HAS NO BEDBUGS -- what to speak of mice or rats! (Obviously, I've had some bad experiences.) And if your locale tends to have mosquitoes, please provide repellant of a type that doesn't stain clothing.

I'd like a room that locks (from both outside and inside). Within the room I'd like to have:

1. A box of facial tissues.

2. A clean towel (or gumsha) each day.

3. A suitable place (such as a drying rack) for hanging my towel, gumsha and kaupinas.

4. A small covered container of salt (for jal-neti).

5. Plenty of drinking water in a covered container (I drink about three litres a day, sometimes more).

6. A waste bin.

7. Heat!

8. Plenty of warm blankets or duvets (my experience is that one blanket or duvet is usually not enough).

9. An extra pillow (due to chronic sinus problems, I need to keep my head substantially elevated when I sleep).

10. A reliable, high-speed Internet connection (if not in the room, then nearby and easily accessible).

11. Incense, with holder and matches (or lighter).

12. A clean closet or chest of drawers or box or something else with a cover in which to keep the things I take out of my suitcase.

13. Some facility for boiling a litre of water, as well as a small pot (that's not used in the kitchen) or hard plastic bain into which to pour the water and some pad on which to put the pot to prevent it from burning the surface I put it on. I usually have to inhale steam at least once a day to relieve my chronic sinus problems. I also need an extra gumsha or large towel to cover my head while I breathe in the steam.

In the bathroom I need shaving foam and soap, as I don't carry them with me. But these don't have to be especially for me; as long as they're available in the bathroom, that's fine.

Since I'm super-allergic to marigolds, please ensure that there are NO MARIGOLDS ON THE PREMISES.