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Honey or Vinegar - a Comment

by Bhakta Raj Prabhu das

Posted August 28, 2008

I'd like to comment on the article, "Honey or Vinegar - How Do We Treat Our Guests?", written by Gaurav Duggal on August 17th.

I've been a devotee - albeit, not a perfect one - since the early 70's, and although I make no claim to sainthood, I was raised by good, decent parents, and they gave me a basic concept of the difference between right and wrong behavior. That having been said, the conduct of the devotees in whatever temple Gaurav had visited was really uncalled for. When will we collectively realize that, in addition to loving and serving God and Guru, we must also display a loving attitude to each other?

Please understand that I'm not adding fuel to the proverbial flames so-to-speak to criticize anyone. (my own emotional and spiritual house could well use some spot-welding) I'm just respectively submitting for all our consideration (mine included) that we conduct ourselves as ambassadors of The Lord at all times.