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Preaching in Iraq

by Raghunatha Puri das

Posted August 26, 2004

Go to hell! - and preach! ... That's what a Vaishnava is willing to do to please the Lord and help suffering conditioned souls. Lord Krishna originally voiced the transcendental message of Bhagavad-gita in a war setting, and the current hellish type of combat in Iraq also affords an excellent field for preaching. The heightened sense of impending death and overwhelming misery makes ignorant/innocent participants much more receptive to transcendental mercy distributed by empowered devotee preachers. They (Jaya Govinda das and all the prabhus in Iraq and other war-zones) should be given much respect and practical support for their extremely rough - but ultimately rewarding - service.

Raghunatha Puri das
(aka Ron Jermakian)