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The Service of the Servants

by Kalindi devi dasi

Posted August 23, 2005

I was deeply shocked and disappointed to read Dananjaya's article. There are so many devotees who have given their money, words and life energy to this movement and we are now refusing to offer them support when they need it most. Krsna does not consider those who serve Him as His devotees, but rather those who serve His devotees. This places the need to care for terminally ill vaisnavas above the need to care for the Dieties in the temple. Would Dananjaya allow that service to stop?

Certainly if we neglect devotees- particularly when they are in crisis- Krsna will neglect us when we are in the same crisis- the time of death- and leave us to the mercy of the material nature. If the Vrindavan managers do not have the manpower or facility to offer service to the dying, then rather than threatening lack of care to those that need it, wouldn't it be more in the spirit of vaisnava-seva to appeal to the general devotees to enable them to open such facility... by donating either money to a hospice fund, or if possible their medical expertise? The appeal could have run as follows...please review it:

Crisis in Vaisnava Seva

Currently Vrindavan management is at a loss to cope with the influx of terminally ill vaisnavas at their door. We are deeply concerned that presently we are unable to offer the manpower and facility to care for them as we have in the past.

With your help, we would like to change the situation so that it is favorable for vaisnava seva. Even from a humanitarian point of view, these devotees have given their lives for the service of this movement; now they are in their ultimate life crisis, and should not be turned away. Krsna is more pleased by service to His devotees than to Himself personally. We therefore humbly request that any devotees who would like to utilize their money in the service of Krsna, do it in a way that He declares will please Him most. To this end we are opening a hospice fund, which will be a registered charity and donations over a certain amount, tax deductible. In addition to the funds needed to construct the facility, manpower will be needed, so any medically qualified devotees who will be able to help, please contact us...

(end of proposed appeal)

I request the managers of Vrindavan to consider the above option, so that a spirit of serving each other becomes our foresworn dynamic, and help us replace the "every man for himself" survival strategy that has descended on ISKCON due to a lack of compassion. Then it will be very attractive for sincere souls to join and to stay- that they are appreciated and valued right up to their last breath... that this is a genuine thing- we practice what we preach... that bhaktas are more important than bricks in Mayapur, and that we would "sell every temple to help just one sincere soul go back to Godhead" (re. HDG Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati).

Y.S. Kalindi dd.