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Japagroup Blogspot Good Idea, Though Flawed

by Name withheld by request

Posted August 19, 2007

This Japagroup website seems like a good idea, but some of their members are still in the world of men only. See the posting "Weekly Japa Circle." Some of the articles of their "constitution" are questionable, especially number 5: "No females." I think that the 11th offense in chanting is "Don't be an idiot."

  1. If you cannot attend a Club Meeting let the Coordinator know ahead of time.
  2. Usually the meeting is divided into 2 or 3 sessions by 15 minute breaks. Be on time for whatever session you decide to attend.
  3. No talking during Japa.
  4. No small children.
  5. No females.
  6. No sleeping.
  7. Enunciate the Maha-mantra (no silent Japa for extended lengths of time.)
  8. Chanting should not be so loud that it disturbs others.
  9. You may excuse yourself from a session for a short time in order to go to the bathroom, drink water, get fresh air, etc.
  10. During the discussion period, discussion should be relevant to Japa, not argumentative, and conducted in a way that provides others with enough time to contribute their realizations.
  11. Cell phones should be off or on vibrate.
  12. Ideally chant while seated. If one needs to stand or pace, it should be done in way that doesn't distract others.
  13. Only Members or approved Guests can come to the meeting. To become an approved Guest one needs an approval from one of the Coordinators. The approving Coordinator is responsible for making sure that the prospective Guest agrees to the rules.
  14. Usually a Guest should be at least chanting 4 rounds a day.