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Reply to Mathruradesh

by Srinitamba dd

Posted August 12, 2004

Thank you for your response, and I thank you for caring enough about me to be honest. I have carefully considered what you have written.

From your letter I can sense that you have deep faith in Krishna and His message. Also, I appreciate how you seem to want to stand up for the one very dear to you. You want to hold on to the inner qualities of a Vaisnava, namely forgiveness and always seeking to see the good in others. That is very wonderful. I am also happy for you that you seem to have a fulfilling and spiritually inspiring relationship with your guru. You personally seem to be able to forgive a person guilty of such things as childabuse and other past activities, living according to what you feel is important in your spiritual life - to forgive and not judge, no matter what.

Perhaps you have personally seen a change and a rectification in your guru for the things he has done. I am not in a position to judge that. I ask though, that for your own sake you may stay goodhearted, but not to at the cost of being naive. It could get you into trouble one day. It is nice to see how you are protecting your guru, but I would be careful of comparing someone with his past with Srila Prabhupada, Haridasa Takhura and Jesus Christ, as you are indirectly doing in your letter.

People can change and rectify, we may forgive the past, but it is dangerous to forget it.

Wishing you well,

your servant
Srinitamba dd.