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Mahaprabhu's quiet contributions instrumental to festival success

by Nama Sankirtan das

Posted August 3, 2004

I really liked the article about the New York rathayatra festival of 2004. The pictures were awesome; the devotee who wrote the article did a wonderful job, giving credit to many of the devotees who helped make the festival possible.

I have lived in New York for years and have spent a great deal of my devotional life, you might say, in the New York temple. The article author missed putting in or acknowledging Mahaprabhu das, who coordinates the festival from Washington Square park. He regularly takes a week off from his job, starts putting up the festival tents a day before, makes sure the booths are erected, and especially sees to it that the prasadam is done nicely. He even bolts down the money collected from the prasadam sales. Some New Yorkers have been known to steal anything; it's just part of living here. He make sure the cleanup is done, often staying till midnight to finish up. The point is he's been doing that service to Lord Jagannath for 10 years now; it's about time we recognized it.

Of course there are also the contributions of Ramabhadra prabhu, his wife Satya prabhu, Narada Rishi prabhu, Sarutttama prabhu and his family. Why am I mentioning these people? I have kind of known them for years; sure, you can't put everyone's name in an article, but certain devotees should not be neglected either. Other than that, I think the article was cool. Haribol!