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An answer from devotee veteran of first Gulf War

by Bhakta Patrick Galbraith

Posted August 2, 2004

I saw this question Bhagavat Purana Das asked, and it really wasn't a question, but is something that's often refered to as 'bomb throwing' in political speak, which is really a cloaked statement of opinion that's rather insulting.

There are many answers to why one should remain a vegetarian, regardless of what their duties are in life, but one simple instruction to follow that's non-conditional and meant to be followed, regardless of situation!

The Bhagavad Gita (yes, which takes place on a battlefield) Instructs (9.26)

Patram puspam phalam toyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami prayatatmanaha

"If on offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it"

This is Krsna telling Arjuna that he will accept only vegetarian bhoga, which is a very simple, non-conditional instruction. As far as 'shooting at someone', that's a bit of a simplification, and a very narrow piece of a sentence of who Jaya Govinda das might have to shoot at should the occasion arise.

Just who might Jaya Govinda shoot at? Let's look at this:

1. Abu Al Zarqawi-asura (who is Jordanian, not Iraqi) and his durasuras (choti asuras?)

These are part of the vicious demonic group of people who take delight in beheading people with knives and putting it on a website to show their demonic works for the world to see. These are part of a group of people worldwide who are part of the fanatical wahabi sect of Islam who interpret the Q'ran to their liking to give them excuses for acts such as crossing the Line of Control in Kashmir, disguising themselves as Hindu Rshis, going into temples and mowing people down with guns. These are people who having been in control of Afghanistan, who made hindus wear tags to identify themselves as non-sunn'a muslims (much like Nazi Germany), who bombed a 2000-year old statue of Buddha (built when the region was predominately hindu and buddhist), who gave the mountain range in Afghanistan "Hindu Kush", which means "place of hindu slaughter" it's name (ever wonder how Afghanistan went from Hindu/Buddhist to predominately Islamic?). These are people, much like the Mughals, who lined those who followed Vedic society (Kafirs) up in long lines, the end of the line as where Mughals gave them the choice of forcibly converting or being beheaded (yes, the beheading issue back then even!). These are some of the types of asuras that Jaya Govinda might have to shoot at (of course after being shot at first, which is the way our military works)

2. Saddam-asura and his loyal Ba'ath party durasuras

These are thugs who would like to reinstall Saddam-asura as dictator of Iraq again, so that he can resume his mass killings of the Kurds in the north, She'a in the south, if he had sons, allow them to throw people who disagree with him in plastic shreaders, resume filling of mass graves, starve his people so he can build massive palaces and token Mosques (to appear in an illusory manner as being pious). These are some of the other people who Jaya Govinda might have to shoot at (again, most likely after being shot at first)

So, I will say, thank you Jaya Govinda, for your service, both for the country that I live in during this lifetime, a country that has been an excellent place for Krsna Consciousness to thrive, and also for your efforts in preaching. I was in the first gulf war, and I tried to do something of the sort, but I wasn't as nearly a good devotee as you. I did however meet great South Indian devotees in Bahrain and Dubai, and was fortunate enough to have -one- day in Kerela, South India.

Hare Krsna!

ps. Does anyone know if there is an Arabic translation of any of Prabhupada's books? I would gladly send as many of them as I can to Jaya Govinda Das for his preaching efforts. Also, is a good blog written by Iraqis that is a good place to see what really is going on in the Iraqi mindset.