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Set Leadership Standards, Uproot Delusion's Spread

by Author's name withheld by request

Posted April 22, 2008

What to do when you are asked about a leading, senior devotee who is not preaching according to sastra?

I am a devotee in charge of over 100 youths. When one youth explained to me how a discple of a Sannyasi GBC member had told him that his Guru was not any ordinary Guru but actually a direct associate of Krishna and an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, what was I to say to that?

Do I dare say that it's not true, and then follow up with an explanation of why this person is still allowed to be a Guru and GBC within ISKCON? Or do I just say that it's a possibilty?

Then another youth asked my why a certain temple president has his picture printed on invitations, posters and even billboards while Srila Prabhupad is nowhere to be found. This temple president also airs his Bhagavat Kathas on television, but sings all sorts of songs other than true Vaisnava Bhajans.

What do I tell this boy? How can I tell people that it's wrong to sing these bhajans, while more senior devotees are singing them? Then how can we focus on our Vaisnava standards? How can I preach something that is not being followed?