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Perpetuating racist lies will damage Krishna consciousness

by Damodara dasa (Arkansas, USA)

Posted September 24, 2003

An open letter to the devotees who publish VNN

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, who so kindly risked everything to give us the message of the absolute world.

I come to you literally on my knees, and figuratively with straw between my lips, begging that you consider the horribly negative effects of VNN having published the "editorial" spewings of this supposed Krishna devotee going by the name of "Srivatsa Das" of Vienna.

These rantings, lies and deceits are part-and-parcel of the Great Lie of Denial being propagated by neo-nazis and other morally twisted "aryan-supremacy" groups. This Great Lie boldy attempts to cloud up -- and ultimately cause to "vanish" -- a Memory which should and can never be forgotten, if we are to have any truly moral and humane civilization within the confines of the material manifestation.

VNN has become one of the more respected news forums connected with the Hare Krishna movement, but this policy of publishing such utter filth within its domain will quickly strip VNN -- and, by association, possibly the entire Hare Krishna Movement -- of any respect . . . "self" or otherwise.

Another risk is the "GIGO" effect: Garbage In equals Garbage Out. There are so many fresh-hearted devotees who might possibly take such racist spewings as "Hare Krishna policy and dogma." We've seen such effects in the past within ISKCON.

Therefore, VNN has a moral and ethical obligation not to further the self-promotion of such racist cowards as "Srivatsa Das" -- lest we end up with unsolvable confusion on the part of so many of Krishna's devotees.

I join my voice with countless others who protest this policy of publishing these lies and deceits, and beg you to remove all such anti-semitic materials from your files, and refuse to publish such nonsense from any such "authors" from hereon out.