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Anti-Semitic Articles

by Sulata d.d

Posted September 22, 2003

I am joining my voice to the devotees who have sent letters of protest to the VNN staff and have yet to see any of these complaints posted, or any action taken. My letter follows:

Please accept my humble obeisances,

Until about a week ago, the first thing I did upon going online every morning (after checking my e-mail), was to visit VNN. I have always considered it the most unbiased and open source of Vaishnava news online.

Unfortunately, as of late I have been seeing evidence of hate mongering and finger-pointing in articles being published on this website. In particular the articles about Jews...Please explain to me and help me to understand what this has to do with Vaishnavism. The point is not if some beliefs are true or not true. We are all entitled to be thinking what pleases us, even if we are being misled by maya and incomplete understanding of material history.

The point is that VNN has always stood for non-judgmental writings of KC, of what it means to be a Vaishnava, of how we are in the business of forgiving. I know first-hand that there have been other letters of protest sent to VNN after the publication of said articles. As yet, I have not seen any evidence of their publication...and this leads me to think that VNN is no longer unbiased, and no longer represents the Vaishnava community, no matter who we are, or who we are calling acarya. In the past there have been dialogues where both sides sent comments back and forth and both sides were always published. Apparently this time VNN has taken a stand, and a rather fundamentalist one at that.

I sincerely hope that the VNN editors will correct what I will call an oversight, and will publish some form of retraction of these anti-semitic articles. Most every Vaishnava that is coming from a Western birth had another religion before they came to Krishna. No one cares, all are Vaishnava now. Certainly a good many Hare Krishna's were born into Jewish families, so why offend a Vaishnava in this way. What is the point? I humbly beg to be forgiven any offense I have caused by speaking these words.

Sulata devi dasi