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A Personal Response to VNN's Antisemitic Articles

by Babhru das

Posted September 20, 2003

I sent this letter to the VNN editorial staff in response to Srivatsa dasa's "Repetition of History":

Dear VNN staff,

Over the years, I have seen many valuable articles published on your site. I have sometimes called attention to these articles when others complain about your editorial policies. I have also been disappointed by some of the articles you've published. However, Srivatsa Dasa's "Repetition of History" hits a new low. At first I ignored it because it was so poorly written. The author didn't really give a clear indication of what the article's point is, except for an allusion in the title to similarities between Kamsa's and Herod's atrocities. The bulk of the article, though, seems to be disjointed antisemitic drivel, not even as well written or sharply focused as the nonsense I have gotten from a couple of my students over the past 15 years of teaching writing in college.

I recently got the impression that your standards had been raised somewhat; apparently I was mistaken. Both the content and style of this article reflect poorly on the community of vaishnavas. The kind of hatred based on bodily designation expressed by this article is antithetical to the teachings of our acharyas. The writing is so poor and full of fragments that if one of my students submitted it to me, I'd return it without bothering to grade it. I'm mortified to think that folks with no idea of Krishna consciousness will be directed to VNN by a search and come across this nonsense. I hope you'll heed what I guess must be a flurry of protests (I'd hope a blizzard) and refuse to publish such tripe ever again.

Your discouraged servant,
Babhru das