Chakra Discussions

Correction to Antisemitism article

by Jan Brzezinski

Posted September 17, 2003

In my article attacking antisemitic editorials on the VNN site, I mentioned the names of Sadaputa and Drutakarma prabhus. I was somewhat careless in my phrasing and it appears that I am attacking them also, which was not at all my intention. Let me attempt to restate my idea more clearly:

Though many theories that fall outside the mainstream or commonly accepted ideas of Western science have been adopted by devotees, most of them have been done so out a psychology that reflects gullibility rather than serious research. Intelligent and educated devotees like Sadaputa and Drutakarma are really an exception in that they have undertaken such research using scientific methods and have thus, to their credit, been able to win a certain amount of respect for their point of view.

However, even unusual or unprovable ideas about science are not necessarily dangerous or harmful to the Krishna consciousness movement as a whole. This is not the case when we are talking about antisemitism or other kinds of racist theories, which have resulted in some of the worst crimes in human history. By adopting such politically charged doctrines, we risk blackening the name of Krishna consciousness irreparably.

My apologies to Sadaputa and Drutakarma if I made it appear that I lumped them in with any unsavory attitudes such as those I really wished to criticize.