Giving up coffee - advice from three devotees
by Maharani dasi, Narayani d.d., Ravi Sihra
Posted January 31, 2003

Note: In response to Bhakta Ricky's article.

Dear Bhakta Ricky,

There are numerous tried and effective ways of kicking the coffee habit, according to the disposition of the person who's trying to quit.

Some people prefer to quit by slowly reducing the dosage of caffeine that they're getting by mixing regular coffee with decaffinated, in progressively smaller ratios, until they're only drinking decaf. This might work for you if you are someone who's psychologically attached to the taste and smell of actual coffee.

Others substitute something with a smaller amount of caffeine, like green tea, which is much easier to give up, once you've gone off the coffee. People also turn to ginseng for its stimulant properties, or vitamins from the B-group, if they feel that their problem is not so much a physical addiction to caffeine (which is a drug, and can cause physical addictions), but a need for a good "waker-upper."

On the whole, your prospects are not very bleak. In addition, if your job, as you say, is stressful, quitting caffeine may be just what you need. In stressful situations, you need relaxation, not artificial stimulation. A good supplement to your coffee-quitting strategy would be to find a good way to relax under pressure, rather than turning to caffeine -- like chanting a little japa, or using calming breathing techniques.

Good luck!
Maharani dasi

Dear Bhakta Ricky Prabhu, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Is it the caffeine you need? Try fooling yourself with decaf. and when you feel really stressed force yourself to take a minute to breath deep and chant Hare Krsna! I guarantee your problems won't seem as important as they did the previous minute. Guru and Krsna are always there!

Your servant,
Narayani d.d.

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Your servant,
Ravi Sihra