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Humility and just criticism

by Hari das

Posted January 25, 2004

My dandavats to all the Vaisnava devotees of the Lord, and to all those that ever were and ever will be.

Because of what they have done for this wretched conditioned soul, I also put special emphasis on His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada and Srila Narayana Maharaja. Two years ago I couldn't have uttered the name of Narayana Maharaja, in reverence, on Chakra. Today I can glorify any Vaisnava devotee and get it published on Chakra.

I can't agree more with Jai Nitai das, the devotee who finds throwing mud, and prajalpa in general, as unseemly free speech and unnecessary. But it is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater to make statements suggesting that Chakra's publication is "everything other than encouragement to anyone seeking the answers" and that "all the resources are being wasted on creating confusion in readers' minds".

If the prabhu who wrote the article Devotee finds free speech unseemly would check the history of Chakra, I believe he would find that the present editorial strength of Chakra should be commended rather than slammed unjustly. What Chakra was before was scary but necessary. Today's Chakra is a completely different story. When one advances, one looks at the mistakes as being lessons, as with Prabhupada's line, "Success is built on pillars of failure."

If devotees don't pass on accolades periodically and only knock Chakra's attempts, are we not guilty of exactly what Jai Nitai is blaming them for? Take a look at Chakra's last editorial correction and apology. When have you seen anything even close, on VNN? Chakra has become more accessible and more open-minded than the giant, who is becoming stagnant. Maybe success went to their head.

A prime example of Chakra's present day attractability is the discussion of devotees that feel bad about temple sectarianism. Look at the beautiful nectarean response that came from Prabhupada dasa as a result. If that piece of art doesn't take down fences and encourage devotees and provide answers, what does?

Again, where is the "mud throwing" that Chakra is allowing? I must be blind because I can't see it. Or maybe I have learned to see things as half full, rather than half empty.

Editors' Note: Glorification of individual Vaisnavas is welcome on Chakra, provided it respects Chakra's editorial policies. We need, however, to distinguish respectful glorification in the context of a relevant article from submissions which speculate on a particular devotee's level of spiritual advancement (See Guidelines for Chakra Events Submissions).