Will the Real Bhaktin Miriam Please Stand Up!
by Bhaktin Miriam
Posted February 9, 2003

Recently I was informed that some devotees believe that Bhaktin Miriam is actually a pen name for Dhira Govinda prabhu. When I heard that it brought me a good laugh. I gotta tell you prabhus, Bhaktin Miriam does exist, and that's me (Please see my article "Reply to the GBC's Preliminary Response to Srila Prabhupada: The Prominent Link in Chakra's December files). I am a white body female devotee who was born in Bolivia and lives in New York City.

I ask that closet PL supporters stand up and be counted. Yeah, you. You know who you are so please stop pretending that you don't know what I am talking about. There are hundreds of you out there. What are you afraid of? Speak up and say what you mean and mean what you say. No need to hide. Take example from a lowly insignificant devotee such as myself and show your face. Thank you.

Your servant,
Bhaktin Miriam

P.S. I am also the one who organized the Life Skill/ Personal Transformation course in New York City last May. It was very successful. If you'd like to sign up for the February course, from Feb. 14-16 in New York, please write to me at: smgalarza@aol.com. Please write "seminar" in your subject section.